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The Civilization on Earth, how we will create and build it

Welcome to the Interlink.World

We want to build the digital infrastructure of the future. We do not want to start from scratch (zero) but from a common ground (life). To find and represent this shared ground is our mission and we supply a rich ensemble of ideas for this.
Everything about it can be discussed and changed, but this project is intended to be launched by ALL of human culture. Not by an organization, influencer, politician, corporate or religion. The domain is owned legally by a human individual and they want to hand the possession over to the next generation of human organization - one without borders and intransparency. One which protects freedom, embraces diversity and preserves the future of life on earth effectively, optimistic and realistic. We must act now, and we think our research can be a starting point 'where' to start Now: At the root of our species: You.

The Civilization on Earth, how we will create and build it
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Digitization for Future

The real world is different for each of us, and still we share the same planet and require the same minimum living conditions. We reduce the complexity of the world into the three fundamental domains: Physical, Subjective and Digital.
The physical world can be accessed by measurement and sensory systems [Datastream].

The personal concepts we have about our current world can be accessed by voting and individual descriptions [Perception].

The [digital world] is complex and contains elements of both aspects and more about our world. To understand digital content as informative, we must reduce the scope and input. We attempt this by defining a context-specific Host which will transparently produce a context to a given semantic expression. with XERO.host we aim to provide the most efficient context for regulation of dynamic multiplex systems: A matrix-architecture to allow multiplex system access and control, with fluid supervision, automation and participation interfacer (user-appropriate (or optimized) interface synthesis - allowing contextually efficient visualization and commentary for interactive work on computes).

Civilization Today

The timescale of modern life is complex, and the political systems have problems to keep up with the rapid changes in needs, opinions and living. We must hence scale our voting systems to this world and its pulse. Some decisions and parameters have a daily relevance for human population, other measures and strategies are long term and require robustness against the high frequencies of ditial life and nature.

The Placeholder 'Civilization Today' refers to the current state of the world and the ability to state ones opinion about it. To address more complex, mid- and long term issues, voting must refer to a more static model of the world we can accept and want to build. Political styles change as well as civilizatory preference. The need for participatory decision making will grow steady to communicate between organisms and their organization.

For reliable display of information, a synchronization of journalist work and their synthesis (merge, differentiation) is necessary. We'll explain our Sync.News domain and concept as placeholder solution to the highly redundant anti-fake news app and software explosion which, once more, will overload users and cause insecurity about their validity.


With the multiplex we want to construct the one common mirror of the real world with the help of technology. Here all datastreams and formalisms converge. As they carry diverse quality, parameters, continuity and reliability, complex rating and classification takes place in the Multiplex. The system routes complex datastreams to make them accessible for anyone.

It is hence intended to be an advanced predictor for atmospheric and tectonic activity. Likewise the complex ecological diversity on earth will be grasped more efficiently, as the model could denote endangered species in a similar manner of representation as it would inform about wildfires or war. The connection to sources is imperative for science, news and cultural awareness.

The model to maintain this connectivity is a directory which undergoes continuous evaluation about its consistency. In this picture we omit the many subsystems which are necessary for the Multiplex.One build. It could be a next generation hub for complex information management as well as maintenance and validation about reality. The associated sensory arrays may undergo periodic shifts in their datastreams or their sensors might require regular services and callibtration. All secondary tasks for data processing can be managed more efficiently through multiplex-based routing.


As the density and resolution of data is maximal in the Multiplex system, the Neutral.Directory poses a first order reduction about them. Here, averaged data and lower resolution as well as sampling is made available. Based on these datasets (instead of ongoing streams), reserach and inference can be generated with more reliable representation about the scientific consensus.

From the diverse areas of research, models of the world according to their discliplines can be computed and provided. They could serve as the next generation of education: Educational content which can be actualized and evaluated with clear access to sources. The research around their interpretations and further backgrounds would connect in a smooth increase of complexity, instead of distributed chuncks which cannot be associated and retrieved by everyone. Access and transparency about science is imperative for proper scientific paradigm.

The https://Boot.Science concept will be one of the fundamental approaches to build the neutral.directory. To make possible a rich and productive cooperation, presentation and access to science poses the complex task to design software architectures which can handle this. We consider an embedded system for peer-review, publishing and journal composition the basis for global and open academic, personal and personal research.


Our main goal is to reach a common agreement about the content of the Domain 'Civilization.Earth'. We understand the domain in the context of the literal internet, and as such it should contain examples, proof and history about the human civilization on earth.
The content of Civilization.Earth is supposed to be free of nationalistic, economic or ideologic influence of any kind. The cultural heritage of humanity can only be seen in the global context of a species, which was yet unable to reach global peace and a collective maturity. We identify a coherent and explicit self-reference as a civilization as a possible root to initiate a multilayer multilateral discussion how United Nations, Nations, Organizations, Corporates and most of all, human individuals can find a common ground.

From a gamified perspective one might understand this domains intention to produce an image about the human species, which we can share in good conscience as digital footprint of humanity as a self-referential species. This domain is intended to show everything you would be proud of humanity towards other intelligent species. What could depict the uniqueness and diversity of human life so that you can identify with it? What would you be interested in to find out about other civilizations? This model we want to create in cooperation with anyone who can imagine to test this approach.

Humanity is sending a stream of information about them into space right now and since years through satellites and electronic radiation which leave a digital echo and footprint of our media and actions, as mirrors of our species identity. The echos of our current systems and digital world are riddled with pain, spam and hatred. We want a free cultural, sober and aware representation of earth in the information domain – as a planet inhabited by an evolutionary and life-friendly species. To form this perspective (a narrative), we aspire a responsible perspective on our future heritage and the way we shape earth for the generations to come after us.


To model our political, ideologic and organization complexity in an overarching system will be a difficult task. With Civilization.Digital we attempt exactly this: A digital model of the complex conceptual worlds in each of us and how they translate to statements, structures and reality. The future government on earth must be based on each humans interest and the best ways we can come up with to fuse, process and represent opinions.


The Interlink of life represents the connected collective cooperation an intelligent species is capable of. We do not use previous success as the scale to rate humanities abilities and impact potential on their future. We aspire a new way to connect life, not only connecting through cables but the common intention of peace between cultures, individuals and concepts. It is not as relevant what name a common life protection system carries, as long it does exactly that. We fight for the approach that unity on wording is impossible when the complexity is reduced inconsistently.

There are commonalities in the concepts we have about the semantic expressions 'community, republic, communism, democracy, economy, socialism, capitalism, freedom', as they were all conceived to improve human ability to organize and cooperate. We argue the previous attempts have failed. Politics cannot be reduced into left - liberal - right as the complexity of human life and culture is manifold, diverse and alive. To break down a complexity of this proportions into only three concepts will always cause disparity and disagreement. We must unite on the word 'neutral' with an understanding that nobody should kill anybody. This sole and simple statement is more difficult to realize then human culture was able to understand. As we discuss and communicate about luxury goods while children, adults and other species are murdered. We think that humanity did not so because they did not care. But because the complexity around language and systems prevented the easiest and most important decisions of all: peace

We think this has to change. A global peace cannot come from a nation, politician or system. It must come from you, from within life. And we see proof that this happens everywhere on earth. We want to unite the need and desire for change for a superior concept of peace. One which poses no danger for any ideology and intention to look at the world.


Access to education is the next priority after elementary living conditions and social environment are accessible. Without education no clear world view can form in an individual. With biased education no interindividual harmony can be achieved. The usage of the term neutral refers to the 'neutral concept' between all other concepts. As such, it must be composed and defined by everyone. As we failed to reach these time-invariant systems but come up with more and more startups, organizations and approaches we want to pin down at least this symbol string.

For us, neutrality does not mean zero. True neutrality protects those who suffer as suffering is not a state which can ever be neutral. To include subjective experience of life into conceptual language was impossible before 2020. With more advanced language systems and language architectures this can be diffirent. We hope to have published, peer-reviewed and developed with you together our concepts how language can be updated to met the requirements of a global community of diversity. We need a language which communicates independent of nationality, physiology and geography. A language which is efficient for time critical decision making and information and which can be detailed and complex for art and cultural exchange.

We understand language as key to peace, and we would never impose or enforce ideas or concepts. As such, we only want to find the best words for peace. What future this holds for language itself and its cultural usage will be part of your interaction with these projects. Neutral.Education only refers to access to education for everyone, independent of their individuality but with individual attention to their needs, abilities and the diverse ways of thinking and perceiving.


While this domain could be understood as element or system itself, the opposite is true. The Interlink World or 'the World Interlink' is the open goalspace of the next generation digital infrastructure we need on earth. We do not accept preferences in names and brand identities as reason to delay and prevent change. We call for all projects which want to have a positive influence on our common future to unite under a common human identity. Whether this is a 'Human Organization' or a 'Global Democracy', a 'United Humanity' or 'Earth Union' does not make a difference! We need the concept behind all these approaches, the need and dream which were the reason to establish the United Nations as well as the European Union. The intention to form a cooperative organization of human interest. In 2020 we are at the border to either fail or succeed in this task, as the demand and availability are there. We hope to supply the words and calmness to allow and accelerate a global interconnection into a human organization system, stemming from a local interconnection of humane interest and world views of diversity, nature, intelligence, tolerance, awareness and community.

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We want the World.XYZ to be the world which is created when generation X, Y and Z cooperate and unite their potential. We are at the end of the alphabet, and we want the next generation of humanity to be freed and relieved of the trauma, inequality, isolation and disconnection which spreads across human culture. The World must be our common goal and our common ground. In 2020 the call for 'reboot' of the world is as loud as never before. But there cannot be a 'reboot' of anything, if there has never been a consistent and adaquate 'boot' in the first place! The systems we use right now and which often define our lives were not chosen by us, they were given by the past. They were given with best intentions, but only partially, as some introduced their own views and ideologies into systems which should never have been ideologic in the first place:

Access to healthcare, food, water, hygiene, community, education and infrastructure must never be bound to nationality, finance, geography, identity, gender or ideology. No human was able to grow up on a healthy world so far, and hence we only have biased experiences about the human nature and intentions. Greed and ignorance are behavioral consequences if there is a need sufficiently intense to overwrite moral. Yes there is a gradient and there will always be a diversity in readiness and intention. But so far we 'boot' only systems which allow an advantage through dominance, oppression and collective manipulation. We must boot global systems, which are grounded on the common moral and humane self-understanding each of us has and would have, if we were able to have a better environment and experience of humanity in the past.

In the present we must carefully re-structure what we can unite on to 'boot' as minimal system. We went the first step there with writing and composing these text and graphics. Are they great? Are they inclusive? No, but they make clear exactly this as mission. Starting from limited facts towards the biggest community we can imagine. We must delay the discussion about names, nationality and details right now! If the minimum living conditions are not met everywhere we have no clear picture what is actually important and death, suffering, curiosity and innocence will continue to overlap and overload the problem solving capacity of our systems. Without a fundamental re-evaluation, another endless loop will start in 2021, the same disparity with just another numerical and we will not have learned from 2020 what we should have — and what we can, in the present.

We now have the chance to actually 'reboot' our lives, as they were booted and that was not a mistake for any living creature! We can change the world by booting a human world, by uniting in diversity as an intelligent and inclusive species which deserves and proclaims to be a Civilization. We must do this on all layers, with every talent and everyones limits in mind and we must start to literally write human history from then on. A history which contains each and every single individual who wants to participate in founding and building a human civilization on earth. The Domain World.XYZ is the defined goalspace who will have to build this world — everyone — but the leaders and manager of the projects around it must be from Generation X, Y and Z as only they can build something from the ground up which is scalable to present and future. Only a community of these generations will be able to produce (and guide) the cultural impact and community creation of a new home on earth. This home for life must be independent of the economic and conceptual preconditions of the past. If we want to create something entirely new, we must not look for any other breakthrough as the idea to fuse our potential will always be the better answer. We must unite not as group, identity or brand, not in segregation and not in preferential dissociation. We must unite not with money nor weapons, short-term concepts and not under the intention to alter the world into a direction which is not accessible and understandable for everyone. Hence we work on generic layouts, which appear the least saying but are the most fundamental, if we want to connect complex dynamic multiplex systems. We must find unity as those who think different, as those who put their name and preference aside to care for the most important thing in the most efficient way first: Providing living conditions for every human life on earth, starting live in 2020 with an explicit invalidation of any end-date. World saving is not a Yes/No thing, it is a continuous progress and effort. But attempted together, it will become realistic and relevant in our shared lifetime - which we define as the four month between August and December of 2020.

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