About planx

Why is planx and why do we think its useful?

After years of research, the only way to (further) accelerate our world-saving plan for a safe 2028.world is to introduce a fringe element and state is officially as fringe, as artificial idea and entirely made up. This is intended to serve a realistic simulation of the corresponding actual scenario – taking into account it might never happen [or it might only happen after such playful version was achieved]. The complexity of the plan and the contained theories indeed pose a difficult barrier for understanding and as such gamification was identified very early as key to success in world saving.

This is why ‘our’ masterplan is a reverse engineered plan from a fictionary scenario. An alien from the future finds human civilization on earth and introduces itself as an observer to investigate the best strategy humanity can reach a life-friendly future. The role of the alien is only an experimental setup, as there might turn up other actors before any material was produced then Dominic (playing a multiplayer personality system he developed, named xeo). Don’t gather too much preconceptions, its all place holders and space for your ideas and suggestions and the story will develop together with you or disappear if any team forms which can contribute sufficient time and has sufficient health to help reworking exerything.

The compiled Movie about this artificial alien requires a storyline, Dominic offers his past for this and if required his authentic personality expressed at Alien.Actor. At present, its about a 4 Month long life-time on earth, and it is supposed to allow 8 billion other roles of equal importance to enable them sharing their individual and complex views and dreams on our present world, our common future and how we can assemble to take control of it in the clear intention of life preservation, protection and peacefulness.

As this alien (xeo) is time-travelling, the Movie will become more realistic, the more [officially and transparent] made-up meetings, conversations and thoughts about the alien will be produced and linked. The alien was supplied with a backstory which identifies it as an actual human being. As such, xeo ‘arrived’ on earth by reaching a compatible human host – in this case and as far he’s still alive – Dominic. He needs your help to recover the planx from the future how all humans can save the world together. He also needs help with the proof that xeo is actually human, because otherwise it would cause too much attention and a viral development of the story too early. Your help to show that xeo will have been a human all along is hence the the bottom-up storyline, and in the top-down storyline, xeo was an alien all along who just had to make sure there are no paradoxes in the timeline, for which he had to pose as a convincing human. We chose as name and domain for this project Matrix.Movie – which is supposed to be the interactive live Movie displaying how humanity saves their world since 28th August 2020, though production of video started a little later and its limited to storyline (content) from Dominic yet.

The more realistic the movie can explain which outcome we would understand and agree as ‘world saving’, the more likely it will become that we can come up with a new and better idea. The better our model of a ‘better plan to save the world’ is, the higher the likelihood that we find a masterplan which can actually succeed.

To account for any possible errors in the underlying masterplan, we want to re-compose the entire multi-layer plan in real time with culture as skeptical observer. At present, you will not find actualized content for 2020 on the multi-domain system. We reverse engineer a 444 domain network which will allow access for anyone to participate in worldsaving activities, with a privacy based choice how they want their contribution to be traced, displayed and compensated. Dominic can act as the centralization to this system, as world saving is more important to him then an identity and he’ll hence share any medical or legal documents or whatever you think is necessary to make this project work. Dominic wants to work in a 24/7 manner for this system, showing he can work in a normal daily job as everyone else just that his job is to play an artificial alien which intends to help humanity save their world.

The planx system provides One@Alien.Observer – one alien observer from the future which has this exact mail adress to book him for interviews, discussions, ideation, art, mediocre djing and what you think an authentic artificial alien should be able to do. The production team of the Matrix.Movie is assembling as you read. It is supposed to be your non-corporate non-government non-judgemental blockchain-story-based planetary peace community, a driving platform to make a statement about the world, your life and what your opinion about the common fate and future of humanity is and could be. Lets find then a way, to make it that way. We need a progressive humanity which will ensure the future which you participate in building, is one that all life on earth as well as you will love.

Character Development and abstraction

To be as plausible as possible, the background story of the main character has ended in any now, telling their story in one final picture at Ateo.Me. To optimize communication, we want to produce the most obvious character to communicate about topics of large scale impact which appeared impossible — life from other worlds or times. Obviously, a human on their own cannot play the role of an alien individually and convincingly, which is why we use the notion of an artificial alien to be transparent about the futile attempt to create something new in this overly complex and idea-rich world. Dominic as xeo needs all the help of other humans he can get to share their alienness-impression and explain their alien intentions and build the human defense systems – as well as communication (interlink) systems for peaceful discovery of other species – for example a future human civilization which was able to achieve global peace. To initiate and frame this contect, xeo could also pose as potentially viral alien, to accelerate humanities unified preparations for greater threats then the present and past, such as asteroids, solar superflares, mass psychosis, engineered bioweapons and the like. Dominic wants peace on earth more then everything else, since he was 11 he is concerned about the world and feels and identifies with the pain of the countless children and souls who are neglected, tortured and lost in any moment of time. This continuous stream of empathically imagined tears was Dominic’s companion and navigator to reach the present year 2020. What kind of author for the masterplan to save the world do you want? Because for Dominic it is self-explanatory to make available any cell of his body, brain and soul for this plan, and any more advanced plan would need to allow better integration of every individual. If you know of an authorship that is more inclusive, please introduce Dominic to this system so he can remove everything he did as in this case nothing of it would be of importance to him. He only wants to save the world, making sure that the specific strategy deployed does never cost more then one life. As such, the current domain Masterplan.World is managed and owned by Dominic as well but he had no time to actualize it yet. You can reach Dominic at any time of day or night via boot.science/output