The Creators of World XYZ coordinate and assemble in an Operative Structure

If You want, like this:

We work on explanations and require your feedback
[version 0.7, lacking InfOps, represented in descriptive manner top left]

What do you want to contribute?

ComOps (Communication and Operations for access, elaboration and production)

CoOps (Cooperation and Coordination with other Operations and representation of own position towards other systems)

SysOps (Systems Operations and System Administrations, software architecture priorization)

DevOps (Software Development & Discovery, IT Operations and digitization assistance)

ARCHOps (Analytics, Research, Controlling & HQ)

(later, ArchOps will coordinate practical implementation and infrastructure standardization for unconditional global minimum quality of life ensurance)

MedOps (Medical and Sustenance Operations)

[We outlined our Zonefree Emergency Response Operations concept on Zero.Build but most domains undergo actualization and maintenance in Epoch 1 and many will remain w.i.p. until Epoch 3]

For projectlead, engagement, organizational aspects, event planning, funding and coordination please contact our lead coordinator for communications via email

If you can assist with peer-review, paper writing, know complexity theory, multiplex systems, theoretical physics, sysops or devops please mention this in your mail.

Our Background and contribution

The concept behind and several hundred associated domains, ideas and projects stem from independent complexity research and a resulting meta-model formalism for multi-domain project and organization management. We will describe and explain in scientific papers what we mean by that and why we think it is lacking at present. We hope to find cooperation at this early stage of publishing and are aware about the problematic and time-intense formulations across our work. We hoped to decentralize all concepts and approaches since the beginning but were not able to network with any experienced software engineers, logicians or mathematicians. This implies that we actively need input and feedback, and hope for cooperation with, these areas. We aspire to re-design the concepts of internet and software, as well as service and communication systems into a new type of digital infrastructure. The complexity of our current networks and systems makes necessary multiplex understanding and we introduce architectures which are grounded on complexity theoretic understanding and designed for multiplex compatibility, usability and connectivity.