The future diplomacy depends on new and independent organization concepts, which foster cooperation within and between cultures as well as species. We aspire cooperation towards organic global strategies and peaceful complexity management. We want to call all NGO and humanitarian projects to converge on specific Goals for given Time-frames to avoid further redundancy. We can coordinate this convergence and enable time-critical synchronization of polyparametric information. We must find the correct distribution of the SDG’s, the 2028.World – plan and your additional tasks human culture has to achieve towards foundation of a civilizatory infrastructure on earth. The four epochs will be described as soon as we can, we aim for mid of september. Please share your opinions.

We’ll use the following terminology for the mission:

{Event/Concept} -> [Impact domain] and/or ⟨Target description⟩

OUR GOALSPACE for Epoch I and II: Hackalympic{event} with code4 organization and Matrix{System} with Vote and Stream compilations

Epoch 1 at 2020 is 28.8 to 28.9

{Hackalympics} -> [Coding] ⟨Open Access Complexity Management⟩

Epoch 2 is 28.9. to 28.10

{Matrix.Movie} -> [You] ⟨Global multi-channel Community Live Streaming and Communication Framework⟩

OUR GOALSPACE for Epoch III and IV: A digital model of our future world and the multiplex architecture paradigm

Epoch 3 at 2020 is 28.10 to 28.11

{Model World XYZ} -> [Digital Civilizatory infrastructure] ⟨Open World model for education, voting, learning⟩

Epoch 4 is 28.11 to 28.12

{Multiplex.One} -> [Electronics, Geography] ⟨Advanced Infrastructural Architecture⟩

The Fixed iteration of Super-Epoch’s is scaled as 8 Years*

Super-Epoch 1 is 2020 to 9/2022

Super-Epoch 2 is 2022 to 10/2024

Super-Epoch 3 is 2024 to 11/2026

Super-Epoch 4 is 2026 to 12/2028

*referencing the quest to ‘save a world in a reality which seems to have an e8 – physics engine (or related geometry)’
*For the logicians, Epoch 0 was hence ’28/X/2020′ to ’28/08/2020′ and Super-Epoch 0 was ’28/12/201X’ to ’28/8/2020′

**For gamification (type scifu – timetravel) Hyper-Epoch 0 was 1998 to 2028, HE 1 was 1988 to 2038 [inflection point this theories’ origin], other HE exponents depend on energy and momentum

Our strategies and concepts are scale-invariant multiscale approaches and hence reconnect to all present activity and use placeholders for yet missing or necessary systems for a future and life-friendly digitization.

The time frames are fix while we want to compose an efficient distribution of goals among them. To optimize the 2028 layout and the time in 2020 which is left, we want to accelerate the production of a virtual world model we call World XYZ.

We think that most of the ’10 year strategies’ proposed by UN and others are arbitrary time-choices, and not specific to the task and missions at hand. We argue that as much as EU Horizons lacks transparent participatory access to mission realization for civilians, as much as it lacks a performance measure and -review about their monthly, weekly and daily activities. We want a full scale of performance for a new type of optimized peacekeeping strategy which does not require names, identity or corporate functionality. Efficiency in multi-domain peacekeeping can only be achieved by integrating and including civilian interest, capacity and individuality. The resulting necessetiy for a polyparametric processing and computation environment has been identified in our research and project as the crucial element to change the world towards a long term stability and awareness about nature.

The goals for each Epoch and the evaluation of their success are part of the ongoing and continuous analytics of the project about itself and other peacekeeping strategies. We will sketch a first layout in the first Epoch for further reference with the clear goal to implement an operative structure which can state and measure its performance despite of polyparametric data and distributed organs. We want to unite civilian influence and perception of impact with a neutral and progressive understanding of the world as complex cooperative result of individual action and understanding. Harmonization of this complex dynamic system of networks can only be achieved with organizing intentions as impact domains, instead of associating organizations to target a vague and often undefined goal space.

We will publish the list of the organizations which we identify as relevant actors in this context on the domain work4.world within Epoch 1. The list will complete and update lists from 2028.world/save, interlink.life/vernetzen/ and interlink.life/vernetzen/2/.

Another approach is supposed to stem from the coding and information technology background for which we will publish a list of open source software which has functionalities which are important and necessary for efficient organization coordination. We argue that we must combine and re-interpret their architectures for the future interfacer of data for easy access and source-based data quality. We hope to launch a global hackathon-like event for global cooperation and collective intelligence at code4.world within in september, where you can contribute any architecture, code or software-particles which you imagine as substantial for the future of computation. [Current examples are at interlink.life/entwicklung which are supposed to cover minimally each of 8 domains we distinguish at thinkularity.com/overview]

For current research sources and software development (functionality examples) refer sources for thinkularity, interlink.life/entwicklung/ and interlink.life/vernetzen/3/

We publish our idea how to connect all scientific disciplines and a condensate of the most important knowledge to keep in mind at science4.codes, given any interest and chance for cooperation with programming-experienced scientists or data scientists]

The transition from knowledge and functions to working prototypes and new kinds of interactive global community workforce-platforms is our mission for Epoch 2 and 3 and will take place as connected event in the fashion of code4.science. [with xd4.eu as its progenitor layout for anthropomorphic formalism design]

We will need your help to keep actualized and coherent the collection of all movements/organizations that intend to save the world in order to start structuring and associating them for efficient implementation and impact.

Call for Action

We ask and request all linked organizations/projects, software developer, researcher/students and organized activists for merging efforts or producing a public response to us and our approach; with reference to our claims about its possible relevance for (literal) world saving. We do not intend to push anyone or induce harm nor do we claim to ‘know better’ then anyone else. We are by definition the Interlink-World, and hence a meta-(multiplex)network for easier and faster access to world saving resources, activities, tools and hope/mindsets. If you consider any aspect of our peacekeeping approach as inefficient, please let us connect without name, identity and branding for a peace-centered attempt to revolutionize humanities long term impact visualization and control capacity.

We think all organizations and the human culture on earth have achieved incredible things and we want to push their drive and our drive towards a new and better connected global peace movement further. We consider anyone as ‘our team’ except they explicity want to distance themselfes from peace. We want to unite with any approach which claims to establish peace more efficient under a cooperative and hence more advanced understanding of peace. If you have time, interest or resources please get in contact.

Together we will make earth a safe place for all life!

Stay Life!