How can we interlink the world together?

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Here we intend to elaborate how we reached the current organizational structure for the Interlink / planx system. The graphics show temporal relations and which cause aspect is either identified or attempted between their interconnection.

Necessary Operations for peace (Simplified)

Transparency and inclusion must be the pragmatic guidelines for future system development. To reach from an online (digital) model to the real word requires transdisciplinary cooperation.

For a progressive peacekeeping strategy the guidelines must be adapted and evolved to advance their self-actualization, self-regulation and self-referential capacity. Complexity management must take place transparent and open and allow visualization and education on all scales. Constructive communication must be rooted on responsive environment and conflict awareness, but not on redundancy and incompatible comunication architectures.

Towards Operationality of domain models (open access complexity management)

Prevention of global conflict (war) and local inequality require advanced education systems with dynamic connections to the present world state and to the consensus based conceptualization of reality. We postulate the word ‘Neutral’ as the most efficient candidate for unifying intentions within a new and open (complex interconnected) domain system which allows simplifying concepts to provide nodes as background-independent entry points.