If you want to help to save the world please have a look if you can support our system by any kind of work, art, ressources or services. Important services we lack yet is a managed server, community coordination and care and establishment of cooperative structures. We do not respect any system which degrades or utilizes life. We want to associate all individuals working in Human Resources to form a globally operative HR management structure. We only agree on equality to organizations which state Human life as diverse, complex and equal. We attempt to overarch any human previous systems which require bank accounts, names, organizations. We are many projects – pure ideas and dreams, and we need many fingers typing, voices speaking, eyes watching and every other part of you which you can share and contribute to research and create a representation of the future world we want. We want to be the home base for all of you. If you want a better future for life, we have been a team all along and do not need any legal manifestation. The legal models and systems of the past are not able to keep up with the present. We would like to try to reach more then 40% of human population in the fourth Epoch for which we need You most of all.

Current ARCHOps Operator

Dominic Diehl

Dominic researched cognitive science, applied systems science and human health for many years. He wants to ontribute to life the best he can do, after 16 years of multi-morbid chronic disease and severe complexified pain disorder he was limited to his body for dreaming, thinking and research and became able to type on a keyboard and share his ideas only recently end of 2018.


Current ComOps Operator

Ute Voß

Ute is a teacher und musical souce who discovered the work of Dominic in 2019 and since then tries to support him with his Interlink mission. To publish and release these thoughts in a more and easier understandable language is a complex effort for which our small team lacks the resources and time. But not the trust and hope.


We have not set up any kind of funding or lehal structure yet, as we want to display maximal neutrality (as far as we can – and for us language use, wordpress for webdesign, choice of words etc. must be considered a problem as they were not up for global peer review). As such, our project is entirely virtual and was financed with private resources from Dominic only. Since February 2019 we work on releasing the results of several years of research and dreaming from Dominic about world saving and a complexity theory-based interpretation of the complex concept behind it – and how we can access a global concept of it in our all lifetime, as limited it might be.

We now have a plan based on multiplexing strategies which could save the earth and her life starting in 2020. Unfortunately, we do not have a team to realize it, nor do we have the resources, support, security, promotion, stakeholder contacts nor momentum to put us in front of anyone else. We would need to do so as we want a collaborative and open impact of a new kind. But we are a small team and to aspire leadership or control of any kiny. We need you personally to pass on this idea or improve it. If you are part of the community of future life, we want to be part of it. We need the best approach to form a team around that and self-reference it as such. We are looking for this actively. If you can help us to do better or want to tell us about your approach, we invite every organization and organism to help us make it better.