What happened online?

This is an overview what happened in 2020 so far and from there on we build our claims what can happen in 2020.

We don’t infer or suggest any causal relationship between the events – we just share a timeline of reasoning and updates to our mission and strategy.

We have had no influence on the world until the very day you read this. This is just an extract of the chain of events that lead to this domain and its current state and content.

[We work on a visual timeline]

  • February 2020, the team identified the last missing piece for their plan to save the world which they developed for about 21 years
  • The Corona Pandemic spreads and global awareness shifts to the internatioal threat
  • The WirVsVirus Hackathon in germany makes obvious the enormeous potential of collective digital cooperation [see links at]
  • We start the World Masterplan Project, Zero.Build etc. and start the work on the subsystems of our strategy (codename: xd4)
  • Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres, calls for a global cease-fire
  • The online streaming of UN conferences and the pandemic-induced digitization-pressure exposes the lack of awareness about technology and its potential in administrations of all scopes (Governments, UN, WHO, NGO’s)
  • Fake News and a hyper-connected viral conspiracy propagation put the human community into a restless and agitated state of information-overflow and aggression-based mindsets. An increasing experience of limitation and both, and new form of freedom spreads
  • Overwhelmedness about the global events and complexity comes back, as new dimensions of numbness against cruelty and disinterest overlap with motivated and novel cooperation approaches for the greater good
  • A conceptual tidal wave begins to form, fueled by new ideas and attempts to use digitization and so called artificial intelligence for the health, greater good and wellbeing of life, accelerating cultural dispositions, disparity and misunderstanding on all domains
  • National governments, the UN and the EU remain unresponsive and inactive to the need and call for urgent and immediate formation of a Global Government for worldwide peace and provision of minimum living conditions independent of nationality, age, identity, culture, gender and language
  • The global response and need for international communication made transparent the devastating effects and indirect destruction caused by global systems which do not synchronize nor coordinate their actions (and lack any official intention to do so)
  • Interlink.World launches 28th. August 2020 as a multi-domain system for peacekeeping and establishing the concept of participatory complexity management as fundamental for a future human civilization.
  • We continue to work on the literature and explanations of Interlink and all content on this domain
  • The current moment is happening -> You reach this website and we hope you can share your impression, feedback or interest with us []

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