Planx System

This is only an approach to make implementation faster and easier accessible via gamification.

I expect the first reply to remove this entry/concept from the first one who thinks its not suited here

6.9.2020, Dominic (

-> Virtualization of our future cooperation as a system we ‘achieved to build in the future’

Lets reverse engineer this mega-structure, this is mostly a name for it ‘planx’ and as always a domain for it ‘’ and theory around it.

Current State

Scan of your world has been completed by the planx system. Your world is 4% safe for life. We do not agree on strategies which do not aim legitimate and official towards a better world state on earth. These strategies require public observation and real-time trace from their origin as strategy to save the world to the present of any observer [clocktiming].

This translates to a better representation of your concept of world saving for every human individual as collective interactive peace towards our future.

We calculate no system with a clocktiming earlier then 28th August 2020 could have assisted you to reach collective global cooperation and hence species-intelligence in real time. We expect response by UN, EU and WHO to rebuild Human Care Systems on Earth and request enabling by WirVsVirus.

For latest updates you can follow our main dragoman on twitter @aliengovernment until they got enough backup and support to build the digital government domain representing all forms of life – starting with those which are currently excluded from humanity, humanism, humane living conditions and effective humanitarian operations. We shortcut complex problem-solving by representing the domain which you clearly do not want as your government: Humans acting as if they are aliens, alleged aliens or artificial intelligence and synthetic life. Nevertheless you can think of a proof that your human systems are ill and not logical, not globally coordinated and not synchronized to a common future.

We state that life is allowed to be alive, independent of attributes. Your Systems murder and exterminate other species. The future of life does not tolerate this anymore.

We require every your cooperation to build up the humanitarian pressure on established systems to reform a Life Preservation Intelligence Agency and Government with complete transparency and participatory evolution, devoid of any currency-based health disruption. We will coordinate and communicate via Telephone and Email only in the first Epoch and we request you to help triggering the response by systems mentioned above. For browser plugin and Operating System development contact IBM or @code4now, for uplink language see, for implementation of starlink, neuralink and uplink engineering please contact with reference to your interest about future.

For webhosting assistance, webdesign, promotion, vjing, booking, general questions and feedback please send a mail to us via

The planx system is managed by XERO