The Interlink-world concept/project is the first open multi-domain peacekeeping strategy which intends to establish the Interlink of Life, an understanding of societal communication systems as necessary and existential services to allow and maintain peaceful advance of globally-aware culture. Life is interconnected by reality, the reality humans habituate has left the sensory boundaries of subjective physiology. The overload of digital information disables a local clear reference to the global civilizatory context.

The Civilization.Earth Narrative

We want to build an appropriate representation of humanity as a species which is actively and officially founding their civilization, from the semantic and conceptual notion of ‘civilization’ towards a practical (physical) nature-aware implementation on earth. The mediator system between thought and physical reality is electronic hardware and infrastructure, but their availability must not be based on brand or name choices, national or ideological preferences. We need authorship of these systems from a clear life-centered narrative of humanity, beginning to write their history in a self-referential inclusive manner as every individual human being contributes to the future of our species, solely by their existence which is at all times the greatest source and potential for humane evolution of human systems and life-centered systems theory.

The Multi-domain System

Interlink.World emerged as the result of literally hundreds of individual ideas, projects, concepts and systems and strategies which were developed and designed to be efficiently integrateable in a clear frame of reference towards impacting the world towards a life-friendly future. Most of these projects remain in concept-stage Spetember 2020 as we work with a very small team on a scale invariant system. As such the architecture can be used for small models but can reveal its strength only when used as a model about the needs and aspects of digital infrastructure we use and use their models to explore which kinds of architectures we would actually require. We developed this Multi-domain system for a specific ‘world saving’ – functionality in a complex embedded system from a meta-model perspective. We think that a peacekeeping system for a globalized modern culture needs continuity, permanence and flexibility. We worked for several months testing our approach by actualizing them with activities and strategies from of EU Horizon, UN GlobalGoals, SDG’s and Germany. As our model kept working more efficient for all these approaches, we published this system 28th of August 2020, on time to the deadline we defined in late february 2020.

Domains as Semantic Concepts for common goalspaces

We want to discover, compose and fuse the most efficient and practical ideas how to optimize and accelerate a literal process/project of world saving. Therefore we want to use Domains as common ground and call for cooperation with the challenge to create the most appropriate content and project behind these domains. Considering threats and potential of AI, high tech and digitization we face a further decrease of individual freedom and loss of ability to impact the world towards equality and diversity. The societal and economic gaps between cultures, nations and minorities towards the high tech regime undergoes asymmetric exponential growth. We face a further worsening of social and environmental situations globally if we cannot take control of our actions as human organization. This cannot be an organization of nations which are excluding individual voice and interest, likewise it cannot be a civilian organization which lack the capacities and operationality of national organizations or corporates. We need a universal organization concept in which corporates are identities as much as identities represent themselves. Reducing corporate activity into a concept of an entity requires complexity reduction which requires consistent models how to do so, to remain understandable and relatable.

Intelligent interconnection of the digital realm

To effectively implement the concept of a World Interlink (digital cooperation) towards Civilization.Earth (nature and life based urban systems) we propose to initiate the hackalympics as overarching hackathon event and as an environment for further events. They are supposed to focus on other areas as coding and represent projects and systems that center on world saving and not less by usage of work, design, art and any other subjective productive input.

Awareness and self-understanding

We aspire at all times to incorporate awareness for inclusion, diversity, ease of access, sustainability, complexity, unpredictability of complex dynamics systems, semantic and conceptual misunderstandings, communication and time limits, educational and preferential differences and prioritization-conflicts for strategy-development, economic capacity and interaction, promotion, engagement and clarity in our project and concepts.

Cooperative production for generic goal spaces

Our approach is by definition ‘the most effective online-based multi-domain peacekeeping strategy and system’. It is hence the most effective explicit plan to (help to) save the world from a generic point of view. It is our mission to make this claim true for any observer and as such advance our models, explanations and understanding continuous. Only cooperation can provide a better theory and strategy for world saving. The main Systems of the muli-domain peacekeeping strategy will be published as planx system in more detail as currently seen on Interlink.World. It will contain more of our systems, among them a gamified environment for complex problem representation and solution as a ‘Zoo’, allowing teamwork on life protection and education as we sketched it on

The Interlink of Life

The Interlink system covers multiple domains, which will either provide the in-depth structure of the world-saving approaches or provide overviews and abstractions for simplicity. The minimum gain of these domains are thought to be link-lists to projects and organizations which work in the respective area. The Domain is an example for the latter, it will provide a simple gamified abstraction about the state and stage of our modelling approach and how to engage in it. Planx is an accelerator system for our complex model. We want to build a world-saving strategy/system which has a measure of its performance as well as easy access for everyone. The access aspects will be developed with an understanding of the need to interlink Life (Interlink.Life in the future) and its functionality and performance will be depicted on Interlink.World.

With time the performance rating of the Systems will contain a growing list of statements and references – any feedback provided by users and experts. We intend to have a slow rate of change on some domains which will act as introduction-nodes and research results while others will undergo fast and rapid change of content based on community activity. The community-developed pages will undergo higher frequencies of change as they are thought as hubs to all current activities, overarching and enabling their goalspaces as generic coordinator and synchronizer.

The foundational split into two Interlink-systems (Life and World) is supposed to provide the optimal entry and access to complex data and associations from the symbolic layer up to the conceptual frame. The concept which is generated by constructing and running both (‘meta’) domains in coordinated synchronization will show what our approach will be capable to deliver and which we want to represent:

An interlink of the physical World through the usage and development of digital tools and online accessible systems must be based on Life and a generic understanding and responsibility to care for her and nature. The non-living matter (physical world) and the informational (digital) world must become better connected to Life (we must interlink life) and better at managing the global sustenance of living conditions on the world independent of governments and economics (through a world interlink). This requires awareness about the complexity, diversity and vulnerability of life and their entangled ecosystems as well as present established systems and conception.

As such we refer to the magnitude of projects around world saving and digital association for peace as Interlink projects. The interlink of life is a concept between you and the realization how you can connect to any other living in times of need. As such it is the bidirectional association to enable Life to connect to you, if you and your individuality is needed locally or globally. We ask the question how we can build a future world which contains effective ways to link needs, potential and dreams of the real and digital spaces with a magnitude of different solution attempts and problem descriptions. Our proposed answer is to unite as impact which fosters a welcoming cultural self-image of humanity, based on a species understanding as a community of diversity.

Expansion with temporal logic

Explicit Model